Our Deck Building Method

Our Deck Building Philosophy

At Deckify, we understand that the foundation of a remarkable deck lies in the quality of the materials used. Our commitment to excellence extends to every component of your deck, ensuring longevity, aesthetics, and functionality.


Building a Solid Base - Ensuring Stability and Longevity

For ground level decks, we prioritize stability by using patio stones beneath every deck joist. A landscape fabric layer is added below the deck, anchored to prevent excessive moisture transfer. Our preferred foundation solution is the "Titan Deck Foot Anchor," which guarantees stability even in the face of soil movement caused by winter frost and spring thaw. Alternatively, for yards with shallow rock formations, traditional deck blocks with a crushed stone base provide a reliable alternative.


Crafting with Excellence - The Choice of MicroPro Sienna Treated Lumber

Bid farewell to outdated green pressure-treated lumber. Deckify exclusively employs modern brown pressure-treated lumber, known as "MicroPro Sienna Treated Lumber," for both deck framing and walking surfaces. This product ensures durability, a classic wood appearance, and affordability, making it an ideal choice for your deck.

Proven Track Record

Backed by years of use in outdoor applications, MicroPro Sienna Treated Lumber has proven its resilience and longevity.

Classic Real Wood Look

Embrace the timeless charm of real wood, as the MicroPro Sienna treatment preserves the natural appearance of the lumber.

Budget Friendly

Achieve quality and style without breaking the bank. MicroPro Sienna Treated Lumber offers an affordable solution for premium outdoor construction.


Enhancing Aesthetics and Safety - Our Thoughtful Railing Selection

We offer 3 types of railings, ranging in style and budget to meet your needs. All of the railing types are top mounted, meaning that they attach to the top surface of your deck. We install adequate support within the deck framing to ensure that your railings have a study base, making sure your deck is sturdy for years to come.


Nuvo Iron Balusters & MicroPro Sienna Wood

This timeless classic combines Nuvo Iron Balusters with MicroPro Sienna Wood, offering a traditional charm that withstands the test of time.


Hoft Deck Posts & MicroPro Sienna Wood

Hoft's innovative Deck Posts, paired with MicroPro Sienna Wood, provide privacy and versatility. Available in 44inch tall and 72inch tall, they're perfect for relaxation and sunbathing on your deck.

Bonus: Also available are the hoft planters and towel hooks, built right into the Hoft privacy wall.  


Timbertech IRX Aluminum Railing, Modern Top Rail

Elevate your deck with the sleek design of Timbertech IRX Aluminum Railing. The pre-assembled panels save time and ensure a quality finish, perfectly complementing Toja pergola brackets.

Elevate Your Deck Experience with Deckify's Premium Materials

Each component of your deck contributes to its overall quality and allure. With our carefully curated selection of materials, you're assured a deck that stands the test of time, combining aesthetics, durability, and safety. Discover the difference that premium deck construction materials make in transforming your outdoor space.

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