What Decks Products Do We Use


For ground level decks, decks will be supported with patio stones under every deck joist. The ground below the deck will be covered in landscape fabric and pinned in place to protect against excessive moisture transfer.

For ground level decks, we will be building the deck frame on top of “Titan Deck Foot Anchor''. These anchors provide a great foundation while protecting the deck from uneven soil movement caused by winter frost/spring thaw. For yards with shallow rock formations, we will use more traditional deck blocks with a crushed stone base. Both options have a proven track record in the industry.


Gone are the days of the dreaded green pressure treated lumber. Today, we have the advantage of being able to use modern looking, brown pressure treated lumber products, known as “MicroPro Sienna Treated Lumber”. Here at Deckify, we build all of our decks (deck framing and walking surface) out of MicroPro Sienna Treated Lumber.

We love building our decks from treated lumber for 3 reasons:

Proven track record

Classic real wood look

Budget friendly


We offer 3 types of railings, ranging in style and budget to meet your needs. All of the railing types are top mounted, meaning that they attach to the top surface of your deck. We install adequate support within the deck framing to ensure that your railings have a study base, making sure your deck is sturdy for years to come.

Type 1 Railing

Nuvo Iron Balusters & MicroPro Sienna Wood:

This type of railing is a timeless classic. Having been around the decking world for a long time, I don’t see this railing going out of style any time soon and it will continue to be a staple of deck builders for years to come.

Type 2 Railing

Hoft Deck Posts & MicroPro Sienna Wood:

This type of railing is a fairly new product made by Hoft. They make railings posts that are great if you are looking for a little more privacy in your backyard space. Available in 44inch tall and 72inch tall, both of these options provide a great option for those looking to do a little sunbathing on their newly built deck. Note: we do not currently install glass railings

Bonus: Also available are the hoft planters and towel hooks, built right into the Hoft privacy wall.  

Type 3 Railing

Timbertech IRX Aluminum Railing, Modern Top Rail:

These black aluminum railings provide a modern twist on railing design. These railing come as pre-assembled panels that are cut to size by our installers. Saving time, and ensuring a quality finished product. 

This aluminum railing pairs perfectly with the black accented Toja pergola brackets. Install them together for a cohesive look on your finished deck.

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